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Artistic Venice  glass working “lampwork”.

Glass production of jewelery, from wedding favors, glass gifts made in Venice strictly according to the most ancient techniques of working in Murano. All objects created by me are made with the original glass of the company EffeTre Murano Veni ce Italy

All items are made exclusively for you to order. The processing times will vary according to the objects.

Since the Middle Ages, especially in the fifteenth century. The Murano factories churn out refined creations of the masters with crystal and colored glass. In the second half of the ‘400 it was possible to carry rods in layers with different colors, rosettes and currently known under the name of, or millefiori murrine. The production of colored and millefiori rods continued in the island of Murano for centuries, up to the present day. The processing techniques currently used at EFFETRE MURANO SRL, date back to the nineteenth century. In this period the technical composer Vincenzo Moretti rediscovered the difficult technique of millefiori Romanesque. Vincenzo created a multitude of colored glass and enamels, which is why Effetre products they are still also known by the name Moretti. Several are the handicraft products in which you can use glass rods. Such as pearls, objects made with the “lamp” technique, jewelery with murrine and other similar items.

Thanks to Vincenzo Moretti lampworking begins its ascent up to today. Many are the glassmakers present in Venice. Today are produced with lampwork technique, real sculptures. Glasses, animals, figures etc. etc.. In my production is also present the red and white 24kt gold, silver, millefiori and Aventurine. Looking through my products that you like and if you want you can also buy it on our Etsy shop. Bomboniere and gifts for Christmas, Easter, Wedding, Christening, Baptism, bussines. Retail sale and wholesale- Maurizio Manfrin